Tips in Choosing the Perfect Moving Company in Jacksonville

The whole process of searching for the perfect mover may seem exhausting and overwhelming as you prepare yourself before moving. However, exerting effort in doing research is worth every dollar and can make the situation tad easier for you. Sure, you can go DIY on your move to Jacksonville, but there would be situations when professionals would help out a lot. Hiring the right company will help you get a smooth transition and even avoid nasty scams which can cost your savings!

In this article, we have compiled some helpful tips that would help you get through the process and survive it all.

Seek recommendations.

You can ask friends, family, and colleagues if they had any great experiences with a moving company. Previous clients are an excellent source of information as they would tell you how much they had spent on such service and what they had to go through. Not all big names in the moving industry are the best, and not all cheap movers can do justice for you as well. Always do some in-depth research first before you choose your prospect mover.

Do a screening.

When you have a list of prospect movers, you do a background check by checking online reviews. More positive reviews mean that the Jacksonville moving company does a great job in satisfying their customers. A few negative reviews are fine, but if there’s a lot, that’s something you need to be concerned with.

You can also go to the Better Business Bureau and AMSA’s (American Moving and Storage Association) website to see it the company is a member. This is to check if they uphold to regulations and policies in the moving industry. Accreditation from this two organizations can show the reputation of your prospect movers.

For more information, you can check consumer sites such as and They have a list of blacklisted moving companies that you need to avoid.

Have at least three in-house estimates.

To make a price comparison, you need to get at various estimates. Make sure not to receive the estimate over the phone as the price may differ than it would cost. You need to make sure that the mover checks every corner of your house to come up with an appropriate estimate. This means you need to show everything – the closets, backyard, basement, attic and so on. If you have received different estimates on hand, you can quickly compare the rates.

While you’re at it, you need to ask if any additional charges are not included in the estimate. There might be some charges that may arise on your moving date that will surprise you. You can also ask more about the company and find out how long they have been in the business. Get important details such as their USDOT license numbers, references and how to contact them.

Make a comparison.

Be careful of any moving companies that charge way cheaper than the others. Choose those that are within the same price range. Ask questions about how they have come up with the estimate and make sure they explain it to you clearly and in detail.

Go with a licensed and insured company.

Unfortunately, some movers don’t have any legal right to move you anywhere. You could check their license online if you had their USDOT number as stated on the previous steps. Also, their insurance information can be verified which just makes it easy for you to feel secure about them handling your belongings.

Now, with these helpful tips in mind, you’ll be more confident in hiring the right movers that would ease your stress about moving. Being skeptical about your choice is okay. After all, you need superb service like what every other customer deserves.

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