Tips for People Interested in Moving to Jacksonville, Florida


If you are contemplating if moving to Jacksonville is a wise decision or not, then you have come to the right place. To help you make an informed decision, check out the advantages and disadvantages of living in Florida’s largest city.

Hundreds if not thousands move in and out of Jacksonville, FL per month. And yes, people do move out of the city for various reasons, and it also shows that it is not for everybody. There are also some people who made a rash decision to move to a certain area but immediately move out after they realized that the place is not for them.

That is why you should be careful and consider a lot of factors before contacting the best moving companies jacksonville florida and make the final decision to move to Jacksonville or any other city.

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Study the pros and cons of living in Jacksonville

There’s no perfect city in the world, that is why you should consider things that you might be interested in and what you don’t like, then think if you can deal with those things. For example, can you handle the heat? Though some details might be insignificant, these things like the weather will affect your comfort and quality of life.


Let us check some positive points about Jacksonville first. Let us see if these advantages are enough to make you move to the city from other states. The city has no income tax, just like other cities in Florida. Real estate costs cheaper compared to other parts of the country, especially if you compare it with other metropolitan cities. Outdoor entertainment and the beaches are world class. The weather is warm throughout the year. Residents have discounts to popular local attractions. The city has a lot of communities for retirees.


After seeing some positive points about Jacksonville, let’s take a look at the negative aspects of the city. Perhaps these cons are something that you can’t tolerate. Though the weather is a pro, it is also a con because of the hurricanes and extreme humidity and heat. The state doesn’t have much mountains and valleys. The city has more part-time residents and tourists compared to other cities. The insurance costs are higher compared to other parts of the country.

Consider if you will buy or rent a house

Though there are numerous reasons why people move to Jacksonville, Florida, one of the most common is the lifestyle, and it offers a good environment for retirement. Whether you will move to the city permanently or temporarily will give you an idea if you want to buy or rent a house. Another consideration is what type of house you want to buy, or you will downsize to a condo.

Tips for the housing market

The housing market in Florida is quite volatile as the price fluctuates based on how many people relocating in and out of Jacksonville.

Observe when is the offpeak season so that you can buy a house during that time. Also during peak season both residential and office moving company will be very busy and moving cost will be higher as well. With a skilled real estate agent you can grab a good deal in buying a house. When you buy a house, you have to be willing to stay or invest in that house for a few years. If you bought a house during peak season but realized that you don’t want to stay there, you might lose some money when you sell it then the price of real estate goes down.

If you think that renting is a better option, be aware of your rights as a tenant. Knowing your rights and the law will protect you as a tenant. It will help you choose a good place to rent.

List down the activities and places in the city that you will enjoy

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people who moved to Jacksonville or other cities in Florida move out after few years. One of the causes is these people didn’t fully integrate their lifestyle with what Florida has to offer.

Although Jacksonville is known for its beaches, it has a lot of other attractions and hidden places that native residents enjoy. Before moving in, do some research about the places and activities in Jacksonville that you will enjoy.

There are a lot of places and attractions that nearby cities offer.

Before you move, have a trip around Florida to see if there are places that you will enjoy for many years.
Have a relaxing vacation in various Jacksonville beaches.
Plan a trip to other famous attractions in Florida such as Busch Gardens or Universal Studios.
If you are interested in space or aircraft, you can visit the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station or Kennedy Space Center.
Jacksonville also has a lot of parks where you can relax.
Since Jacksonville is a city by the seashore and river, you can enjoy varieties of fresh seafood.
If you are a petrol head, perhaps you will enjoy the Daytona 500.

best moving companyMake a relocation checklist to make your moving stress free

Moving is always a busy ordeal even though you will just move across the city. The task will be a couple of time more challenging if you will relocate across the country. The best way to be organized is to create a checklist of activities you need to do.
You can also make an inventory of things that you have, what you will dispose, and what you will take with you.
Make your list not so cumbersome by breaking it down into week sections. Mark important dates on the calendar as a reminder.
You won’t forget when do you need to cancel your utility services, look for temporary storage, or apply for electric and other services for your new house.

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