Multi-cultural Heritage Spots in Jacksonville

Are you a history buff? Or someone who wants brush up on their knowledge of history? Jacksonville is the home to historical heritage sites that will simply awe you. Here are some places of interest that you can’t miss:

Clara White Museum

613 West Ashley Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Get to know more about the inspiring stories of Clara English White, a former slave who selflessly fed hungry people in her neighborhood. You’ll also get to know more about her daughter Dr. Eartha White who continued her mother’s work which still exists today as the Clara White mission.

Kingsley Plantation

11676 Palmetto Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32226

A truly symbolic and historical venue that will take you back to the past. What makes this plantation special is the well-preserved rooms and the story behind the walls. There is a guided tour to help you learn more about Spanish and American history. Grounds and buildings are well-maintained which is good news considering that the admission is free.

Ritz Theater & Museum

829 North Davis St
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Another great place to learn about the African American community in La Villa. You’ll get a deeper understanding of the role of African American citizens in Jax and their impact on the civil rights movement. They display various collection of photos, artifacts and other things that symbolize the development of the African American community. You can also have a lovely time listening to jazzy performances from highly talented performers.

Fort Mose Historic State Park

15 Fort Mose Trl
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Fort Mose served as the legal settlement for free Africans and there is a lot of history that you could pack your mind with. The area is well-preserved and stunning which makes it a good place to appreciate the beauty of nature, take a walk in the past or just take a breather.

Old Brewster Hospital

915 West Monroe Street
Jacksonville, FL 32220

This served as the first African American hospital in the country and was primarily founded because of the unfair treatment to African Americans until the Civil Rights Movement. It also provided medical training for aspiring nurses. A historical site that truly has a remarkable impact.

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