5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Jax

Jacksonville is a place oozing with cultural diversity and you can definitely spot some authentic Mexican restaurants that hit the spot! Here are some of the restaurants that you could try for a spectacular culinary experience:

Si Senor Fresh Mex

3546 St Johns Bluff Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Definitely, one of the authentic Mexican restaurants that will capture your heart. Taco Tuesday would be very delightful for they have a great selection of tacos that would suit every taste – even picky eaters! Aside from tacos, they ave phenomenal carne asada fries which comes with a generous serving of meat of your choice. Enjoy a fun and lively atmosphere with a colorful setting that makes you feel like every day’s a fiesta.

Mi Veracruz Restaurant

3109 Spring Park Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32207

What’s the purpose of being a Mexican restaurant if the rice and beans is not perfect? Well, the good news is, the rice and beans can never go wrong at this restaurant. Perfectly seasoned beans are just heavenly. And how can we forget about the margaritas? Their maragaritas are sublime and worthy for all the buzz they bring.

Margaritas Mexican Grill

9825 San Jose Blvd
Ste 23
Jacksonville, FL 32257

When people get cheap prices, they usually tie it up with bad tasting food. Well, think differently when you come to this restaurant. You’ll get great-tasting food at a very reaonable price. Fajitas, tacos, burritos, chimichanga – you name it! They have a lot of combo meals you could enjoy, too!

El Castillo Taqueria and Bakery

9735 Old St Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Are you looking for an authentic panaderia for ll the Mexican goodies you’ve been craving? This will be a paradise for you! Their tres leches cake will satisfy your sweet tooth and well, certainly, will make you come back for more! They do have “gringo” style street tacos which cost only $5.99 for three. Talk about a great deal!

Mr. Taco

10143 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Greater Arlington

Fully loaded tacos? Cheap prices? Fresh toppings? It’s all right here. Mr. Taco offers delightful tacos which will never leave you disappointed. You can choose corn tortillas for that extra crunch. If you find yourself craving during a late night, just head down to this food truck and you’ll be glad you did so.

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